Elvis & Walter Cronkite Show

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  • April 19, 2018
  • 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Inman Theatre, 50 Mill Street, Inman, SC 29349 (across from the Inman Library)
  • 864.472.8363

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Elvis & Walter Cronkite – 50’s Flashback

Break out your bobby socks, poodle skirts and hula hoops and get ready to flashback to the 50’s as Elvis Presley meets CBS News star Walter Cronkite at the historic Inman Theatre. Where Elvis once appeared on the Silver Screen in historic movies like Jail House Rock, he now returns in person to perform and be interviewed by  CBS News super-star Walter Cronkite. And “You Are There!”

Cry in your sodas girls – Elvis is in the army now. But you can see him off in style. Join us back in 1958 at the historic Inman Theatre as Walter Cronkite interviews Elvis prior serving overseas in the US army.

Spartanburg Swing will start off and get the party “Rock and Rolling.”

After the performance step across the street for refreshments at the Inman Library. No Tickets… No Reservations… And everything’s absolutely FREE!

TJ Jones (Elvis Presley)

When TJ Jones was 3 years old, his parents introduced him to the music of Elvis Presley. He fell in love with the 1957 film “Jailhouse Rock,” to the point that he wore out a patch of carpet perfecting his dance moves. “I literally wore out the rug in our den from dancing the…three-story cell scene, where he slides down the pole and goes up and dances on the table,” Jones said. “I was obsessed with that; I thought it was the coolest thing ever.” Two decades later, Jones is a musician and recoding artist, and his love for the “King of Rock ’n’ Roll” occasionally peeks through in his live performances.

TJ is a Classic Blues musician who performs around town in various musical venues like Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe and O-Cha Tea Bar. In June 2017 his “Tranquility Lane” was released by Klaustrophobia Records.

TJ may be an established musical artist, but adding credibility to his performance as Elvis as he enters the army – TJ And Elvis are the same age – 23!

Larry Bounds (Walter Cronkite)

With over thirty years as a professional educator and even more as a professional magician, Larry Bounds brings his skills together from the classroom and the stage to recreate historical characters for the Chautauqua audience.  His earned a BA in Theatre and a Masters in Education from The Univ. of Tennessee, and has performed in Chautauqua programs presenting Einstein, Churchill, Houdini, Disney, and others since 2002.  He is a teacher of Advanced Placement and Honors English for Greenville County Schools at Wade Hampton High and has taught classes in broadcast journalism. Larry has performed since the 1970s as a professional magician appearing for eight years with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and has taught courses in magic for two universities.

We’ve just begun to plan all the fun 1950’s events. Yes, Elvis will perform – and get us to Shake, Rattle and Roll. And the Spartanburg Swing will start us off with some 1950’s dance.

Yes, Cronkite will get the back story about Elvis being drafted and serving in the US Army.  Elvis was proud of serving his country – “I’m kind of proud of it. It’s a duty I’ve got to fill and going to do it.”

Yes. There will be 1950’s rock and rockers and hula hoops, and who knows what else. So Pin up your pony tail and polish your blue suede shoes and join us to make history at the Inman Theatre.

Elvis never visited Greenville or flew in or out of our Downtown Airport. Elvis did appear in Greenville in 1958 – or at least his movie “King Creole” did. It played at the air-conditioned Carolina Theater, the last of the Greenville downtown movie houses. Tickets: 25 – 65 cents.

Elvis did perform live in Spartanburg – but he didn’t fly in. In 1956 just as “Heartbreak Hotel” zoomed to the top of the charts, Elvis toured the South towing a little trailer cart for the instruments that Elvis’ father, Vernon, had made up and painted pink. He appeared with Opry acts that included Mother Maybelle and the Carter sisters with June Carter, The Louvin Brothers, Justin Tubb, and Benny Martin though now Elvis was the headliner.

During this Southern tour Elvis would go back to New York to perform on The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show television series – produced by CBS – thus the Walter Cronkite connection. Again a bit of historical fantasy – Cronkite neither appeared in South Carolina nor interviewed Elvis at this time.

On Thursday February 9th Elvis Presley did perform four shows at the Carolina Theater in Spartanburg. Note: That’s four shows in one day. Then back to NY to perform Saturday on the Dorsey TV show.

In March 1958 Elvis was inducted into the US Army becoming  a $78 a month Army rookie and leaving behind four Cadillacs, a Lincoln and a fabulous career.

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SPBG Billboard


Feb 9,1956 Spartanburg, SC – Elvis, a Fan and Red West (High School friend and bodyguard)


Feb 9, 1956 Spartanburg, SC – Justin Tubb and Elvis







Inman Library

Inman Theatre

Elvis came to Inman. So did Godzilla. Even if it was at the movies.

That was over a half-century ago, when the old Inman Theatre was alive and buzzing weeknights and Saturday afternoons, showing second-run films such as “Jailhouse Rock,” westerns and monster flicks like “Godzilla.” Tickets cost a quarter, popcorn and Coke were 10 cents each, and candy bars were a nickel.

Those days are gone, but the theater isn’t. Today, the 275-seat Inman Theatre is alive and well again, thanks to a three-year restoration effort by its owners, Inman native Buren Martin and his wife Dorothy. Today it is a place for live entertainment and hosts a vibrant children’s theater and summer theater camps.

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