June Festival: The Power of Words

The president, the poet, the picket, and the press—listen in as they speak for themselves! All Spartanburg performances will be held at the Headquarters Library in the Barrett Room, . Free parking is available in the lot behind the library. All performances are free and open to the public.

abraham-lincoln-show-featureMonday June 19 at 7pm
Abraham Lincoln | Portrayed By George Frein

Music by: Angela Easterling and Brandon Turner

Words have power, and no American has used words with greater force or for greater good than Abraham Lincoln. Listen in as President Lincoln redefines American democracy “with malice toward none and charity for all.”

Behind a folksy facade and some great story-telling, you’ll meet a brilliant intellectual, a shrewd politician, and a literary genius. And yes, you’ll laugh a lot too.

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chavez-eventTuesday June 20 at 7pm
Cesar Chavez | Portrayed by Fred Blanco

Music by: Shawn Allen

Join the Movement and march for social justice with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers.

Journey back to the turbulent 60’s and experience a message of non-violence and equality bringing hope to rich and poor alike, empowering all to take charge of their lives. “Si, Se peude.”

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cronkite-eventWednesday June 21 at 7pm
Walter Cronkite | Portrayed by Larry Bounds

Music by: Fayssoux McLean and David Ezell

Join the most trusted man in America and the newsman for whom the term “anchorman” was coined as he shares his life’s work from the battle lines of World War II and Vietnam to Kennedy’s death and Nixon’s disgrace.

So how did a man from Missouri and Texas, plain spoken, thoughtful, and with a twinkle in his eye become the voice of truth to all America and an icon of journalistic integrity? Ask him yourself at these Chautauqua History Alive shows.

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angelou-eventThursday June 22 at 7pm
Maya Angelou | Portrayed by Becky Stone

Maya Angelou was a woman of words: she was named and renamed, she lived with and without words, she was provoked by and a provoker through words, she was a crafter of and a woman redeemed by words. She opened herself to the world through words – written, spoken, sung – and revealed herself to all who were willing to wrestle with her thoughts and language.

Rise up and sing as poet Maya Angelou gives voice to the caged bird inside us all. From the quintessential Everywoman (author of over 20 books, activist, poet, professor, film director and mother) hear startling truths that have effected all.

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